Detail View: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Collection: The Coma Cluster of Galaxies

The Coma Cluster of Galaxies
Almost every object in the above photograph is a galaxy. The Coma Cluster of Galaxies [ ] pictured above [ ] is one of the densest clusters [ ] known - it contains thousands of galaxies [ ]. Each of these galaxies houses billions of stars - just as our own Milky Way Galaxy [ ] does. Although nearby when compared to most other clusters [ ], light from the Coma Cluster [ ] still takes hundreds of millions of years to reach us. In fact, the Coma Cluster [ ] is so big it takes light millions of years just to go from one side to the other! Most galaxies in Coma [ ] and other clusters are ellipticals [ ], while most galaxies [ ] outside of clusters are spirals [ ]. The nature of Coma's X-ray emission [ ] is still being investigated [ ].
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Jim Misti (Misti Mountain Observatory [ ])
Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
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