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International Space Station Imagery
ISS013-E-78295 (6 Sept. 2006) --- Haze in the Po River Valley of Italy is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 13 crewmember onboard the International Space Station. The valley is visible across the horizontal center of the frame, with the floor obscured by what NASA scientists refer to as frequent atmospheric haze, a mixture of industrial pollutants, dust and smoke. The visual texture of such haze is perceptibly different from that of bright white clouds which stretch across the top of the scene and cover part of the Alps. The Po River Valley is Italy's industrial heartland and one of the most industrialized regions on Earth, according to scientists. Northern Italy is in the foreground of this southwesterly view. The partially cloud-covered Alps are at lower right; the Adriatic Sea at lower left. Corsica is under partial cloud cover at center; and Sardinia, almost totally obscured, is to its south. The island of Elba is visible just to the west of Italy. By contrast with haze accumulation along the axis of the valley, the Alps and the Apennines are clearly visible, and Lake Garda can be seen in the foothills of the Alps. Other visible geographic features are the lagoon at Venice north of the Po River delta, and three small lakes north of Rome. The winds on the day this image was taken are mainly from the north, as shown by the flow lines in the haze near Venice. The haze typically flows south down the Adriatic Sea. Visibility in the Mediterranean basin is often reduced by hazes such as these, deriving from different sources in industrialized Europe.
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