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LDEF (Postflight)
The Passive Grapple Tray postflight photograph was taken in the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) at KSC during the removal of LDEF from the Orbiter's cargo bay. The tray assembly consists of a modified six (6) inch deep LDEF peripheral experiment tray, a chromic anodized aluminum mounting plate with chamfered corners, an initiate switch assembly, an initiate system status indicator assembly, nonmagnetic stainless steel fasteners and a Modified Mechanical Grapple Fixture, provided by JSC, with a camera target attached. The camera target, black with white markings, is attached to the right edge of the grapple fixture to assist the operator in positioning the RMS end effector during retrieval operations. The opening in the upper left corner of the mounting plate provides access to the initiate system activation connectors and is covered by an aluminum plate prior to installing the LDEF in the Orbiter cargo bay. The black square in the right center of the mounting plate, adjacent to the camera target, is the initiate system status indicator assembly.The grapple tray assembly appears to be intact with no apparent physical damage. The chromic anodized aluminum grapple fixture mounting plate appears to be in prelaunch condition with only a very light tan discoloration. The, as received aluminum, cover plate located in the trays lower left corner has a number of irregular shaped darker discolorations around the outer edges that appear to be finger prints. No change to the white paint on the grapple fixture camera target is apparent. The scratch marks on the upper right corner of the mounting plate were observed in the prelaunch and flight photographs. The arc shaped discoloration in the upper left section of the tray, observed in the flight photograph, does not appear in the postflight photos. The dark gray circular discolorations on the outer section of the grapple fixture appear to be the locations of impact craters where the surrounding surface coating has been disturbed.
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