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LDEF (Postflight)
The Passive Grapple Tray postflight photograph was taken in the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) at KSC during the removal of LDEF from the Orbiter's cargo bay. The tray assembly consists of a modified six (6) inch deep LDEF peripheral experiment tray, a chromic anodized aluminum mounting plate, a Standard Mechanical Grapple Fixture, provided by JSC, and non-magnetic stainless steel fasteners. Two (2) aluminum plates, one in the upper left corner and one near the right center of the tray, cover access openings in the mounting plate. The black chevrons painted on the left half of the mounting plate are used for tray identification and the camera target, black with white markings, is attached to the right edge of the grapple fixture to assist the operator in positioning the RMS end effector during retrieval operations. The grapple tray assembly appears to be intact with no apparent physical damage. The white paint dot on clamp blocks located at the right and left ends of the lower tray flange has changed to a brown color and the tray upper sidewall and tray flanges have become discolored by a light brown stain. The chromic anodized aluminum mounting plate and the passive grapple fixture appear to be discolored by a light brown stain similar to that on the tray sidewall and flanges. The dark irregular shaped discoloration on the lower right corner of the grapple fixture mounting plate is an abrasion that existed preflight. The pinkish tint on the mounting plate is the by-product of the chromic anodizing process and is not attributed to exposure to the space environment. The white stripes on the black camera target and the white tip of the vertical rod located on the target have changed in color from white to brown. The light band along the right edge of the grapple fixture mounting plate is caused by light reflecting from the tray sidewalls.
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L92-17834 KSC-390C-609.08
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