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Technical Rendition of STS-71 Docked to Mir
Technical Rendition of ...
NASA Center Johnson Space Center
Mir Training Facility
Mir Training Facility
A full-scale mockup of ...
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STS-91 Shuttle Mission ...
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Description STS091-375-011 (2-12 June 1998) --- Andrew S.W. Thomas makes a treadmill run onboard the Kristall module before joining the STS-91 crew for a journey home that will complete 141 days in space for the NASA astronaut. Thomas is the final of seven NASA astronauts assigned to indvidual long-duration stays aboard Russia's Mir space station as cosmonaut guest researchers. Photo Credit: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.
STS-79 Shuttle Mission ...
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Description STS079-335-001 (16-26 September 1996) --- Astronaut Terrence W. Wilcutt traverses into Russia's Mir Space Station Kristall Module toting a water bag from the Space Shuttle Atlantis to be used on Mir. This photograph is one of fifteen 35mm frames (along with four 70mm frames) of still photography documenting the activities of NASA's STS-79 mission, which began with a September 16, 1996, liftoff from Launch Pad 39A the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and ended with a landing at KSC on September 26, 1996. Onboard for the launch were astronauts William F. Readdy, commander; Wilcutt, pilot; John E. Blaha, Jerome (Jay) Apt, Thomas D. Akers and Carl E. Walz, all mission specialists. On flight day 4, the crew docked with Mir. Shannon W. Lucid, who had spent six months aboard Mir, switched cosmonaut guest researcher roles with Blaha. The latter joined fellow Mir-22 crew members Valery G. Korzun, commander, and Aleksandr Y. Kaleri, flight engineer.
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