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2006-05-03 0:0:0
ISS014-S-001 (May 2006) --- This emblem embodies the past, present, and future of human space exploration. The Roman numeral XIV suspended above the Earth against the black background of space symbolizes the fourteenth expeditionary mission to the International Space Station (ISS), or ????????????? ??????????? ???????. Elements of this symbol merge into a unified trajectory destined for the moon, Mars, and beyond, much as science and operations aboard the ISS today will pave the way for future missions to our celestial neighbors. The five stars honor the astronauts and cosmonauts of missions Apollo 1, Soyuz 1, Soyuz 11, Challenger, and Columbia, who gave their lives in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. The NASA insignia for design for shuttle flights and station increments is reserved for use by the astronauts and for other official use as the NASA Administrator may authorize. Public availability has been approved only in the form of illustrations by the various news media. When and if there is any change in this policy which is not anticipated, it will be publicly announced.
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