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Record Harvest in Australia
Record Harvest in Austr...
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Terra- MODIS
2004-04-03 0:0:0
Description AS17-152-23393 (17 December 1972)--- Astronaut Ronald E. Evans is photographed performing extravehicular activity during the Apollo 17 spacecraft's transearth coast. During his EVA Command Module pilot Evans retrieved film cassettes from the Lunar Sounder, Mapping Camera, and Panoramic Camera. The cylindrical object at Evans' left side is the Mapping Camera cassette. The total time for the transearth EVA was one hour seven minutes 18 seconds, starting at ground elapsed time of 257:25 (2:28 p.m.) and ending at ground elapsed timed of 258:42 (3:35 p.m.) on Sunday, December 17, 1972.
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