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Haze and Pollution over Western Europe
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The United Kingdom was ...<a href="" target="outlink"></a>
OrbView-2- SeaWiFS
Morocco and border of spain as seen from STS-59
Morocco and border of s...
The Atlantic Ocean, Str...
2007-11-15 0:0:0
Strait of Gibraltar as seen from STS-60
Strait of Gibraltar as ...
This view shows sunglin...
2007-11-15 0:0:0
STS-90 Shuttle Mission ...
2004-04-03 0:0:0
Description STS090-E-5133 (24 April 1998) --- This 400mm view of Gibraltar and the southern tip of Spain was recorded with an electronic still camera (ESC) as the Space Shuttle Columbia passed over the Alboran Sea. Clearly seen are San Roque, La Linea and Algeciras. The jutting feature at center frame is Europa Point. The photo was taken at 12:08:11 GMT, April 24, 1998.
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