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Athens, Greece L & C bands
Athens, Greece L & C ba...
Year 1996
Smoke from Fires in Greece
Smoke from Fires in Gre...
Deadly wildfires in sou...<a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=" "></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a>
Terra- MODIS
Fires in Greece
Fires in Greece
Deadly wildfires in sou...<a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=" "></a><a href=""></a>
The Analemma and the Temple of Olympian Zeus
The Analemma and the Te...
March 30, 2003
Media Type Image
facet_when_year 2003
Abell 2597's Cosmic Cavities
Abell 2597's Cosmic Cav...
Media Type Image
ISS and Discovery Transit the Sun
ISS and Discovery Trans...
Media Type Image
Space Radar Image of Athens, Greece
Space Radar Image of At...
Sol (our sun)
International Space Sta...
2004-08-25 0:0:0
Description ISS009-E-11537 (12 June 2004) --- Athens, Greece is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 9 crewmember on the International Space Station (ISS). This photo includes areas of new construction or renovation for the Olympic Games, such as the Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex and Helliniko Olympic Complex. The image also demonstrates the control of bounding mountain ranges (Mts. Aigeleos and Hymettos) on the western and southern expansion of the Athens urban area. Athens is located in the Central Plains region of Attica in eastern Greece. The large basin in which Athens is located was formed by faulting and has accumulated thick deposits of clays and alluvium.
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