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2006-04-07 0:0:0
Description ISS012-E-15918 (24 Jan. 2006) --- Belle Isle and a portion of Newfoundland, Canada are featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 12 crew member on the International Space Station. Belle Isle (center) is surrounded by sea ice in this recent winter view. Belle Isle lies in the strait between the Island of Newfoundland and Labrador (the mainland portion of Canada?s province of Newfoundland). Small islands along the coast of Labrador appear in the top left corner. In this key location Belle Isle lies on the shortest shipping lanes between the Great Lakes and Europe, and also on the main north-south shipping route to Hudson Bay and the Northwest Territories. Snow and ice in this recent winter view obliterate the dozens of glacier-scoured lakes that dot the surface of the island. The single community of Belle Isle Landing on the southeast tip is equally hard to see. Ice patterns also show that the island lies at the meeting point of two sea currents. The Labrador Current flows from the northwest (top left), and a smaller current, driven by dominant westerly winds, flows from the southwest (lower left) out of the narrow Belle Isle Strait (out of frame lower left). Flow lines in sea ice indicate the sense of movement of the ice. Ice floes embedded in the Labrador Current appear in the upper part of the image as a relatively open pattern. Sea ice with a denser pattern enters from the lower left corner, banking against the west side of Belle Isle. Tendrils flow around capes at either end of the island, with an ice-free ?shadow? on the opposite, downstream side. Eddies (center) in the ice patterns show where the currents interact, north and west of the island.
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