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First View of Earth from Moon
First View of Earth fro...
Earths Moon
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STS-91 Shuttle Mission ...
2004-04-03 0:0:0
Description STS091-707-008 (2-12 June 1998) --- Photographed by one of the STS-91 crew members aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, this area northwest of Monterrey, Mexico is a good example of a tectonic landform where the Earth's crust folds in a "wrinkled-rug" style. The Sierra Madrid Oriental is the easternmost extension of the North American Cordillera. The complicated structure of this arid region is the affects of wind eroding the softer rocks and leaving the harder ones making it look like it may be a photo of another planet. Monclova, Mexico is located near the center of the photo.
International Space Sta...
2006-02-14 0:0:0
Description ISS012-E-15035 (12 Jan. 2006) --- The confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers at Cairo, Illinois is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 12 crew member on the International Space Station. The Ohio River becomes a tributary of the Mississippi River directly to the south of Cairo, Illinois, a small city on the spit of land where the rivers converge (at center of image). Brown sediment-laden water flowing generally northeast to south from the Ohio River is distinct from the green and relatively sediment-poor water (northwest- to south-flowing) of the Mississippi River. The coloration of the rivers in this image is reversed from the usual condition of a green Ohio and a brown Mississippi. According to scientists, this suggests that recent precipitation in the Ohio River watershed, with very high rainfall over the Appalachians and the northeastern United States in December 2005, has led to a greater sediment load in the Ohio waters. The distinct boundary between the two river?s waters indicates that little to no mixing occurs even 3-4 miles (5-6 kilometers) downstream. The city of Cairo became a prosperous port following the Civil War due to increased riverboat and railroad commerce. Small features on the Ohio are river barges and indicate the continued importance of Cairo as a transport hub. Flooding of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers presents a continual danger to the city; this danger is lessened by the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway that begins directly to the south of the river confluence. The floodway lowers flood stages upstream (such as at Cairo) and adjacent to the floodway during major flood events. Part of the extensive levee system associated with flood control of the Mississippi River is visible in the image. Barlow Bottoms (image right), located in adjacent Kentucky, are a wetlands bird watching location that is replenished by periodic floods and releases of Ohio River water.
International Space Sta...
2007-02-21 0:0:0
Description ISS014-E-10547 (30 Dec. 2006) --- Barcelona, Spain is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 14 crewmember on the International Space Station. Barcelona occupies a low plateau along the Mediterranean coastal plain. The city is the second largest in Spain (after the capital of Madrid), and hosts the country's largest seaport (portions of which are visible at lower right). This detailed view captures several notable features of the Barcelona urban landscape. The architectural design of the Eixample district (center) displays a grid pattern distinctive for Barcelona. Built during the 19th and 20th centuries, the district was built with octagonal city blocks -- originally intended to be open structures of only two or three sides surrounding gardens and open space. While the original street grid pattern remains, today many of the octagonal blocks are completely built up. The adjacent Cuitat Vella, or old city, presents a much denser building pattern which dates from Roman times. Also visible at lower right is the 173-meter high Montjuic Mountain -- historically the location of fortresses due to its strategic position overlooking the city's harbor. Light tan and orange structures visible at the crest of the mountain include the stadium and other buildings used in the 1992 Summer Olympic Games at Barcelona.
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