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2004-04-03 0:0:0
Description JSC2002-E-35222 (29 August 2002) --- Soyuz 5 Nominated Flight Participant Lance Bass (right) trains with a mannequin representing a subject in need of emergency care. The exercise was part of medical training for the Soyuz 5 crew members during their visit to the John Ira Pettys (left), Systems and Crew Trainer for Health Maintenance System, Wyle Laboratories, Inc., briefed the trainees. Others pictured (from left foreground) include backup Flight Engineer Alexander Lazutkin, Flight Engineer Frank DeWinne, Commander Sergei Zalyotin, and backup Commander Yuri Lonchakov. DeWinne is affiliated with the European Space Agency (ESA), while Zalyotin, Lazutkin and Lonchakov represent Rosaviakosmos.
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